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Genesis Joy Bus Baler Aurora

Traveling through the mountainous region of Nueva Vizcaya on the way to Aurora Province was made convenient thanks to continuous development of roads and daily trips care off Genesis Bus Lines. And with the company’s latest addition to their fleet, the journey to the heart of Aurora Province was even made better with a  “first class” coach called “Joy Bus” (more…)

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Liwliwa San Felipe Zambales

Browsing pictures from years back, I came across a beach destination we, beach enthusiast,  used to frequent and is a popular among surfers. Being off from tourist maps, only little communities of board riders and salt water savvy knew about the small baranggay known for its occasional surfs. Let’s take a peek at Baranggay Liwliwa. (more…)

Jumping in Balagbag Falls Real Quezon

Not far from the Pacific Recreation Kamp (PaRK) we took on an off beaten side trip to give us a taste of nature and ice cold fresh flowing water. Hidden beneath the mountains of the Sierra Madre is a waterfalls visited by adrenalin junkies looking for quick thrill and overflowing excitement. Take the leap of faith in Real, Quezon’s Balagbag Falls.


Puka Beach Boracay Island

Motion, music, and movement blanket the busy White Beach of Boracay.  From end to end, White Beach Path is bustling with restaurants, food stalls, stores, shops, night caps and hotels – it is as busy as the streets of Makati on a working week. Good thing for those seeking a more laid back side of the island, there is Puka Beach. (more…)

San Antonio de Padua de Pila Laguna

The Spanish colonial may have shed dark clouds over the Philippines during the Age of Exploration but on the bright side, they also contributed to Philippine development by influencing the Filipinos in tradition, religion, politics, and architecture. In the Metro Manila where development is a constant revolution, the struggle for conserving heritage is a losing battle. However, in the outskirts of the busy city, the influence is still intact, preserving the last remaining gems of the country. Down south in Laguna is a small town where the golden days still seem to reign. Let me take you for walk around the heritage town of Pila. (more…)