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Biyahe Lokal’s Best Beach Travel Packages

Experience the outdoors in a fun adventure to Luzon’s hidden getaways. Live the island life in either Calaguas Island, Quezon Province, Zambales, or Batangas. Be charmed by the majestic view of the pristine beaches.  All of these in one memorable overnight trip.

Explore the beauty of these places in a package tour of your choice. Rates range from P1,900 AND UP depending on your choice of destination/s. PACKAGE INCLUDES transportation (van and boat transfers), 3 meals (lunch, dinner, and breakfast), entrance fees, and camping equipment.

It’s affordable and hassle-free! Live life and make memories.

For inquiries, call or text YANI () or MARU (), or message us here on .

Thank you!


DESTINATIONS & RATES (based on a 10 persons per group rate):


Calaguas Island (3 Days 2 Nights) – P3,700 per person


Anawangin Cove – P2,200.00 per person
Nagsasa Cove – P2,500.00 per person
Silanguin Cove – P2,800.00 per person
Capones Island – additional P200
Crystal Beach (Package A) -  P1,900 per person
Crystal Beach (Package B) -  P2,500 per person
Crystal Beach (Package C) -  P2,800 per person


Pacific Recreation Kamp (The Park) – P1,900 per person
Cagbalete Island – P2,900 per person


Laiya, San Juan – P3,300 per person

PACKAGE INCLUDES (inclusion vary from destinations):

Land Transfers
Sea Transfers (if necessary)
Tent/s and sleeping equipment (for outdoor packages)
Environmental Fees
Port Fees
Entrance fees
Meals – lunch, dinner & breakfast
*Cagbalete Island package consist of 5 meals
*Crystal Beach package B and C has resort’s complimentary breakfast
MORE PICTURES & DESTINATIONS IN . (More pictures also)



Underwater life visible  from the surface in Calaguas Group of Islands (more photos).

Powdery white sand of Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Calaguas Island (more photos)

Surfing and other activities in Real, Quezon

Jump in Balagbag Falls.

Laiya Batangas.

Nagsasa Cove’s crystal clear water.

Nagsasa Cove‘s rivermouth

River in Nagsasa Cove (more photos)

Anawangin Cove’s Beach

Silanguin Cove at low tide.

Beach front in Silanguin Cove

Capones Lighthouse (more photos).

Window in Capones Lighthouse (more photos).

Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, Zambales

Skimboarding in Crystal Beach.

  1. March 14, 2012 at 10:59 am | #1
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    Wow, nice pictures! Capones Island is one of my favorites when it comes to Zambales. Capones lighthouse is my main destination in this island. The first time I went here, I had to trek in the middle of hot sun, stony beach and steep slope but its all worht it!

    • July 14, 2012 at 11:50 am | #2
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      Yes. Capones Island is one of my favorite destinations in Zambales. The view from the 360 degree view from the lighthouse is simply breath taking not to mention the history that dwells within its walls.

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