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Angeles City, Pampanga: Places To Visit

February 20, 2012 2 comments

Back in college, I used to spend almost my entire week in Laguna and no time (and money, in my case) to go back home spend time with, or attend friends’ birthdays. On the other hand, Laguna seemed like a stone throw away when friends come by and visit. Such small occasional visits are really something. Now, I’m back here, and some friends outside the metro. It’s my turn to give them the heart warming visits I felt back then. For us, birthdays are really hard to miss and personally, it’s sad to celebrate ones birthday alone. Today, I’m visiting a friend, some place not far North to celebrate his birthday and take the opportunity to see life in a city outside THE city. Today, we’re going to get lost… lost in Angeles – Angeles City, Pampanga. Read more…