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Smart Live More Run in Nuvali Sta. Rosa

Running is among the oldest athletic events recorded in history. Tracing back to 776 B.C. fast forwarding to the present, the sport has evolved in many ways. The competitive frolic which was back then strictly for fast land-moving and distance-enduring humans has open up its doors to all adults, senior citizens, teens, kids, and sometimes, some even bring their dogs. To cater to all ages and classes, the running sport was converted to a fun run wherein the enjoyment in running is promoted more than just the sport itself, just like Smart’s Live More Fun Run in Nuvali. (more…)

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Laguna Calamba Nuvali Republic WakePark Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding has become a fast-growing water sport in the Philippines and continuously attracting more thrill-seekers craving for another shot of adrenaline.  Extreme sports gear manufacturers and wakeboarding organizations promote the sport through competitions held in popular wake parks in the country. Held last August 17-19, 2012 was the 6th Philippine Wakeboard Nationals to introduce the latest extreme sports hub in the Philippines, REPUBL1C Wakepark in Calamba, Laguna. (more…)

Steak in Arabela Restaurant Liliw Laguna

Slabs of meat on a sky high price, pastas having fancy Italian names, small slices of cake sitting on a large white plate, and all other extravagant dishes on a fine dining restaurant’s menu are, most of the time, not found on a cheap person’s food budget list who would rather prefer to eat on a roadside turo turo carinderias. But in the country’s “Tsinelas Capital” (slippers) is a restaurant who made both end meets. Indulging on steaks, pizza and pasta, sweet treats, etc. have never been this cheap in Liliw, Laguna’s Arabela Camello’s Bakehaus & Coffee Shop.


San Antonio de Padua de Pila Laguna

The Spanish colonial may have shed dark clouds over the Philippines during the Age of Exploration but on the bright side, they also contributed to Philippine development by influencing the Filipinos in tradition, religion, politics, and architecture. In the Metro Manila where development is a constant revolution, the struggle for conserving heritage is a losing battle. However, in the outskirts of the busy city, the influence is still intact, preserving the last remaining gems of the country. Down south in Laguna is a small town where the golden days still seem to reign. Let me take you for walk around the heritage town of Pila. (more…)

Sights, Sounds, and Stories of Laguna

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Barat Adventures, Biyaheng Laguna
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Liliw Church of Laguna

On the outskirts of the bustling capital of Manila is the province of Laguna, famed for its countless tourist destinations feeding the cravings of every travelers’ taste and finds. Tourist influx  never stop decreasing since Laguna proposes to vacationers tons of alternatives all year round from annual holidays to regular weekends. Let Biyaherong Barat guide you in a brief walk through as we get to know the sights, sounds, and stories of Laguna.