Photography Bits: My Travel Photography Essentials

Canon Rebel T2i 70-200 10-22 17-85 50 mm travel photography gear equipment

Most beginners would probably think that upgrading gear offers a quick solution for better photographs. Well, bad news. It doesn’t. Think gadgets amounting five to six figures which boasts of apertures as wide as f/1.2, red rings wrapped around zoom lenses with extreme focal lengths, a full-frame body with lightning fast shooting capability, super lightweight carbon fiber tripods – an arsenal of equipment most photographers are dying to get their hands on. I should know because I once dreamed a high end line up like this when I was starting. However, the lack of funds forced me to make the most of an entry-level 10.1 megapixel camera and a kit lens for about 5 years. The obsession for high end equipment overlooks the more significant question – “why.” I wrote this post to address the question “what equipment do I bring/use when I travel” and most importantly, “why bring them &  when  to bring them?” I hope you’ll find this handy when considering what to buy. (more…)

Bantayan Island, Cebu: From Madridejos To Santa Fe On A Bike

Madridejos Lawis Cebu bantay baywalk Bantayan Island

There’s a scarcity of public transport in Bantayan Island, Cebu during sleeping and after work hours which makes photographing sunrise and sunsets under consideration – unless you have your own means of transportation. I found my dad’s flimsy-looking Korean-style fixed gear bicycle in a stock room along with construction materials and stacks of egg trays, so I pulled it out a gave it a test ride a few meters and back. This two-wheeler, regardless of the few squeaks and rickety chain noise, could probably run a few kilometers, the question now is, “can I?” (more…)

Danao City, Cebu: Choose Your Own Adventure at Danasan Eco-Adventure Park

Wakeboarding Danasan Eco-Park Adventure Danao City Cebu

Concealed in a blanket of lush green foliage above the rugged highlands of Danao City, Cebu lies a remote hub for both thrill-seeking adventurers and nature lovers. A playground packed with a diverse range of activities, set on a backdrop of towering mountains and thick jungles – a paradise for intrepid travelers. All you have to do now is to choose what defines your perfect adventure, here at Danasan Eco-Adventure Park. (more…)

Liloan, Cebu: Bagacay Point Lighthouse, Liloan Church, & Cebu Wake Park

Liloan Church San Fernando Rey Parish Liloan Cebu

We’ve witnessed a myriad of priceless heritage treasures and a plethora of natural spectacles in South Cebu which left us in awe. This time, let’s wander north beginning with Liloan, a coastal town on the outskirts of the Queen City. It was merely my odd obsession for lighthouses that lead me to Liloan, but later on, I found out that the iconic structure was only the tip of the iceberg. (more…)

Cebu City, Cebu: Why The Henry Is Like No Other

The Henry hotel cebu city modern interior design art

Fancy hotel rooms furnished with soft queen-sized beds wrapped in multiple layers of sheets, equipped with the comforts of A/C units and hot & cold showers  is a luxury I can rarely (rare as in I can’t remember the last time) afford, especially when traveling alone. But rare occasions like today call for a different hotel experience – somewhere unique, somewhere bizarre, something like a boutique hotel in  Cebu City called The Henry. Boutique what? (more…)

Nine Things To Do in South Cebu

Moalboal Cebu south beach philippines

To make matters more convenient, I rounded up all the places visitied and activities did during the 3-day trip to South Cebu. This list will give you a glimpse of countless delights the southern section of the island has to offer. I’ll let you decide what’s hot or what’s not. (more…)

Barili, Cebu: Magnificence of Mantayupan Falls

Barili south Cebu Mantayupan Falls

It seems that almost every town in southern Cebu is endowed with their own waterfalls. So far, we’ve seen the majesty of Oslob’s Tumalog Falls and the astonishing azure water of Kawasan Falls in Badian. Our last stop, before we finally put a close to the 3-day journey, takes us to the highest waterfalls in all of Cebu – this Mantayupan Falls of Barili. (more…)

Moalboal, Cebu: A Diver’s Haven

moalboal south cebu panagsama beach sunset

The vast bodies of water surrounding the Philippine archipelago flourishes with an abundant marine life. Cebu, alone, is blessed with a number of diving destinations visited by underwater enthusiasts from all over the world. Moalboal, a town situated on the south-western part of Cebu island, not only happens to be one of country’s best, but also a world class diver’s destination. (more…)


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