Callao Caves Penablanca Cagayan

Elementary history taught me that the 47,000-year-old Tabon man of Palawan was the earliest human in the Philippines, but this cave system in a town called Peñablanca told me a different story. It was a discovery which will re-write the history the Filipino people. Let us uncover the wonders beneath the limestone rocks of Peñablanca – welcome to Callao Caves. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

“Ading¹, san punta mo?” (Ading, where are you going?) asked a lady who helped me drag my heavy pack inside the half-filled jeepney in Santa Ana. “Tuguegarao po”, and she replied in an irritated tone, “Init dun, e!” (It is hot there) as if she’d never go back to provincial capital. Does the heat scorches like fire that the word itself, Tuguegarao, has become synonymous to the hottest city in the Philippines. So let’s warm up and find out what sets Cagayan‘s fiery city of Tuguegarao ablaze. Read the rest of this entry »

Saud Beach Pagudpud Ilocos Norte Philippines

Squeezing in Ilocos Norte‘s innumerable tourist destinations in an overnight trip is like fitting a 40-seater bus through the eye of a needle. And, my brother only have 2 days before he flies back to Singapore, so instead of taking on the entire province, we focused mainly on Pagudpud and nearby spots easily accessible but getting the most out of this quick vacation. Read the rest of this entry »

Bantayan Island Cebu Beaches Santa Fe

Did you know that 80% of eggs consumed by Cebuanos came from one island alone? And, the epicenter of the egg-producing industry happens to be a paradise blessed with gorgeous beaches and man-made marvels that will capture the hearts of travelers who seek a more laidback and rural destination. Here’s a quick tour of Bantayan Island‘s famous destinations from Santa Fe, Bantayan, and all the way to Madridejos. Read the rest of this entry »

Bantayan Island Cebu

Heartbreaking scenes replaced the idyllic paradise appeal of Bantayan Island after Yolanda unleashed its wrath. Ruptured houses leaving many Bantayanons unsheltered, huge trees unbelievably uprooted from the ground, and debris scattered on roads, farms, beaches, fields, everywhere – these were the imprints left by one devastating typhoon that shook the entire country, even nations from across the seas. I witnessed first hand the aftermath when I arrived two days after the storm.  (Warning: Graphic images) Read the rest of this entry »