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Who Is Biyaherong Barat

Jed Ryan Rosell, born and raised in Philippines is the eldest among three siblings of retired Aircraft Engineer and Corporate Executive parents. He finished his degree in Media Arts at the De La Salle University, Canlubang and has since developed his passion for the activities he will later on gain inspiration from. Travel, photography, and music make the perfect formula of what he enjoys the most. He’s also found joys in advocating for the care and preservation of Mother Nature.

Biyaherong Barat is result of his drive to document all of his adventures where writing became a testimonial note of his photography. Majority of his earlier adventures if not all of it were around the Philippines. It has been and still is his immediate and ultimate goal to educate the Filipinos of the beauty that is around them. His aim is for Filipinos be proud of the Philippines. With that, he started his journal entries in Filipino for most of his blog entries, but as he finds himself deeper into his exposition, more and more followers from all over the globe come to visit his site for a glimpse of what is around the Philippines. This brought him to write for a bigger audience, hence, all of his recent articles are now written in English.

He envisions to make Biyaherong Barat to go global with the main message that travelling brings the outside perspective and that it can be achieved in the most cost-efficient manner.

This very nice biography is written by very lovely sister, Jehanna.


12 June 2012

Dear Reader,

Good day and Happy Independence Day to all my fellow countrymen.


First of all, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to all readers and subscribers of Biyaherong Barat. Your  information updates and continuing patronage have helped many travelers, myself included, on their journeys. Your support had always been an inspiration to travel and take note of important information which may come handy for future references.


A few months back, my traveling came to a halt due to an accident which required an ankle surgery. Recovery required several month so unfortunately, I have to resign my job as an assistant photographer. A job which contributed a huge impact and strengthened my foundations as a photographer. I’ve learned so much from my bosses and I would like to thank the Montifar’s, for giving me an opportunity to work under their flag ship.


When I got back on my feet, I went back on the road to continue Biyaherong Barat. However, being unemployed got my traveling on a rare occasion. To fund my travels, two of my buddies and I set up an independent travel organizing group called Biyahe Lokal but trips weren’t regular and income was not consistent. Nevertheless, we continue arranging trips for the love of traveling, sharing experiences with other people,  and even in our little way, we were able to give income to locals and small businesses in our destinations. The best thing of being part of Biyahe Lokal, we travel for free.

Still, money was not enough, so I turned to my college degree and personal skills as a graphic artist. Working as freelance, I got projects from a few companies redesigning magazine advertisements and laying out of publicity materials. Pay was good, and at the same time, exercised my college degree, but to my despair, projects were not consistent. Hence, overcoming my financial despair was still an obstacle.

Everyday I continue seeking vacancies, attend interviews, and apply jobs where I can exercise my skills as a graphic artist or a photographer to fund Biyaherong Barat.


Biyaherong Barat is my brainchild and I, as the author and creator, am committed in its pursuit of the goals.

Biyaherong Barat aims:

(1) to make Filipinos proud of the Philippines and let the whole world know that amidst the crisis and unfortunate events that curtains the archipelago, there is beauty that lie, not only its natural magnificence, colorful history and tradition, but also in the hearts of Filipino.

(2) to inspire other travelers, both local and foreign, to wander and see for themselves how beautiful our country is. Biyaherong Barat gives glimpses of destinations and provide handy information to prove that traveling is not only for the “haves”, but also for the “have nots” like me, and,

(3) to promote local products and tourism which, at the same time, provide income to local establishments and additional wage to the local people. In addition, Biyaherong Barat also promote local products like equipments, apparel, food, native handicrafts, art, etc. and prove to the whole world that the Philippines can go head to head in the world market.


My love for the country inspired me to create Biyaherong Barat and forever I am bound to continue what I’ve started until my last breath.

I hope to inspire other travelers through Biyaherong Barat, as I was inspired by many travel bloggers and photographers in the local and international travel scene.

Once again, thank you everyone. Enjoy and be safe on your journeys.

Respectfully yours,

Jed Rosell

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Eager to tell the world about your town’s hidden wonders? Perhaps share some interesting practices and make known unique or even dying traditions you wish to live forever?

Let me help you make that happen. I am on the lookout for places, traditions, eating expeditions, and local business establishment explorations to feature in my blog. I can photograph and feature about travel equipment and several voyage must-haves to share to our fellow travelers and Biyareho followers. Hit me a liner or two and let’s discuss map out how we can bring your goals to life!

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    June 21, 2012 at 12:07 pm | #1
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    Hey bro, I suggest you put dollar conversions on your trip details that would help a lot!

    -your friendly kapitbahay

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      Oh yeah. Good idea, Mr. Mike. Thank you very much.

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    That’s my student! :)

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    You have awesome photos!

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