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Baler, Aurora: A Joyful Joyride With Genesis’ Joy Bus

July 17, 2012 6 comments

Traveling through the mountainous region of Nueva Vizcaya on the way to Aurora Province was made convenient thanks to continuous development of roads and daily trips care off Genesis Bus Lines. And with the company’s latest addition to their fleet, the journey to the heart of Aurora Province was even made better with a  “first class” coach called “Joy Bus” Read more…

Aurora Province Destinations: Mother Falls of Ditumabo, San Luis

February 2, 2012 9 comments

Aurora offers a lot more than just beaches even though a coastal province bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the east. On its western border, rich green forests blanket rugged mountain ranges which stood as the province’s enormous walls. Beneath these “walls” lie natural wonders which bound spells to visitors by the mighty spectacle. From the salt waters of Sabang Beach, we head to the feet of the mountains in search of the powerful plunge of Ditumabo’s Mother Falls. Read more…

Baler, Aurora: Day Trip In Digisit Beach

January 30, 2012 6 comments

Travelers visiting Baler frequent Sabang Beach more often than the town’s other beaches. Sabang bustles with activity since most hotels, inns, guesthouses, and restaurants can be found within the area, in addition, local residents hangout in the area enjoying the cool breeze of the Pacific. To detach themselves from the regular hustle and bustle of Sabang, visitors seek respite in an isolated beach called Digisit. Read more…

Baler: Nine Things To Do At The Heart Of Aurora Province

January 28, 2012 9 comments

The northeastern province simply has tons to offer every intrepid traveler, thrill seekers, and wanderers, both local and foreign, could not resist. This Aurora trip, however, was not about us but a very good friend who crossed the vast Pacific and flew halfway across the world in search of the American dream. Returning to the Philippines for a short vacation, squeezing an activity-filled vacation would be difficult. Fortunately, there’s Baler to fill in the gaps.

Read more…

1st Surf & Music Festival in Baler, Aurora

November 12, 2011 11 comments

sunrise in sabang beach baler aurora

Before I begin this blog, I want to express my utmost gratitude to Biyaherong Barat’s avid readers for continuously visiting my tiny piece of space in the vast world wide web contributing to over 10,000 hits this blog received. It may not mean much but every hit meant a lot to me. Biyaherong Barat has been on hold for quite some time due to my ankle injury that required operation, therapy, and lots of rest. It doesn’t matter now because I’m back on my feet, kicking, and hungry for more adventure and brand new experiences. Pack your bags, and once again let’s hit the road head North East towards a province I fell in love since the first time I stepped foot on their town. Hello Baler, we’re back. Read more…

Weekend Getaway in Baler, Aurora

January 30, 2011 12 comments

lifeguard post in sabang beach baler

Traffic volume piled up on major thoroughfares due to earlier down pour and I was rushing to make it to our 10PM call time at the Genesis Bus terminal in Kamias. Bus enroute for Baler leave at 1:00 AM but a friend advised us to be as early for large number of passengers anxioulsy await the first weekend bus.Among the anxious passengers were three adventure seekers on their way to kick start the year with a weekend getaway in Baler, Aurora. Read more…

Huge Waves And Cloudy Skies In Sabang Beach, Baler

January 29, 2011 1 comment

Strong winds prevailing in Sabang Beach brings rough coastal waves and carries mist splashing through my lens.

Full story in Weekend Getaway in Baler, Aurora 2011

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San Luis, Aurora Province: Log Carried From The Forest

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

On our ascent to Ditumabo Falls, we came across with this guy, probably in his early 20′s, carrying a huge log passing through uneven and rough terrain.

Full story in Weekend Getaway in Baler, Aurora 2011

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