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Morong, Bataan’s Nagbalayong Beach

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment

man selling taho in nagbalayong beach

I love Fridays. After all the week’s exhaustion and stress from work, I count down hours, minutes, then seconds as the hand struck six. Even hours before, I day dream what I’m going to do Friday night, and the whole weekend. For a second, all I thought of is the beach, the sand and salt water. I can’t wait.

As soon as the clock struck twelve, I hastily head home to pack my bag and camera. As I sat on the backside of the FX shuttle bound home, my buddies and I were discussing possible destinations under the consideration of budget, weather, and transportation. And again, like all the travels that we had, it all boils down to the budget. And just like before, no one and nothing won’t stop us. Whenever, wherever, however. Hold tight because were hitting 180 on the highway to Morong, Bataan. Read more…