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Calamba, Laguna: 6th Philippine Wakeboard Nationals in REPUBL1C Wakepark

Wakeboarding in Republ1c Wakepark

Wakeboarding has become a fast-growing water sport in the Philippines and continuously attracting more thrill-seekers craving for another shot of adrenaline.  Extreme sports gear manufacturers and wakeboarding organizations promote the sport through competitions held in popular wake parks in the country. Held last August 17-19, 2012 was the 6th Philippine Wakeboard Nationals to introduce the latest extreme sports hub in the Philippines, REPUBL1C Wakepark in Calamba, Laguna.

Nuvali's evozone electric powered shuttleElectric-powered shuttle circumnavigating Nuvali.

Republic wakepark in Nuvali Calamba LagunaSpectator’s and participants area.

Two-storey spectator's lounge

Participants of the competition are skilled individuals equipped with a thousand spins and flips in their arsenal of tricks. Representing established wakeparks in the Philippines, like Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) in Pili Camarines Sur, are the finest homegrown riders armed with experience gained from day after day of wakeboarding. Also attending the said event as guest and judges are pro-riders from the international wakeboarding scene.  Though weather conditions were unstable, spectators never stopped arriving to support the wakepark’s grand opening and to witness riders enthrall the audience with heart-pounding excitement. Republ1c’s Wakeboarding competition is certainly a remarkable event that placed Laguna in the wakeboarder’s maps.

Preparing for the kicker


wakeboarding big air nuvali republicRider launched himself from the kicker.

boardslide wake boarding in Nuvali LagunaBoard slide.

Simulating the forces and elements of Mother Nature in a man-made lake make wakeboarding a perfect water sport under any weather circumstances. Unlike surfing and windsurfing which are both driven by seasonal winds and waves, wakeboarding’s cable system requires little or no natural occurrences to play the sport. Riding wakes don’t require a year-long wait before your next thrill-inducing experience.

wakeboarding in Nuvali's Republic WakeparkFlip.

wakeboarding in Nuvali's Republic WakeparkRunning out of terms. I really don’t know how to call stunts like these.

wakeskating in Nuvali Republic WakeParkWakeskating in Nuvali’s Republ1c Wakepark.

wakeboarding in nuvali republ1c wakeparkHandle pass.

Republ1c Wakepark’s proximity to the Metro provides easier access for wakeboarders as well as enthusiast who would love to delve into the sport. Though wakeboarding is still in its infancy in our country, having a wakepark right in our backyard contributes to a rapid growth and in no time, cable wakeboarding will kick it a notch up in the extreme water sports scene.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on the trip:

1. If commuting to Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali:
Ride a Sta. Rosa/Balibago bound bus (Jam Trans or Jac Liner) from Buendia cor, Taft Ave. or Kamias.  Get off at Coca-Cola Plant which is in Sta. Rosa Exit and ride a tricycle to Paseo De Sta. Rosa. Jeeps bound for Tagaytay also pass by Coca-Cola but most of the time, the jeeps are full. From Paseo de Santa Rosa, there are tricycles that will take you to Nuvali or Solenad II, Electric powered vehicles (like in the photo above) go around Nuvali picking up passengers from several stops then take them to Solenad II terminal. Vans in the terminal are bound to Republic Wakepark.

P67.00 – Sta. Rosa/Balibago bus from Kamias-EDSA
P14.00 – Tricycle from Coca-Cola to Paseo de Sta. Rosa (regular trips)
P35.00 – Tricycle from Paseo de Sta. Rosa to Nuvali (special trips)
FREE – Electric Jeepneys
FREE – Republ1c bound van.

2. REPUBL1C Wakepark operating hours:
Monday – Sunday
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
1:00 PM – 5:30 PM
5:30 PM – 9:00 PM (night riding pass)

3. Rates in REPUBL1C Wakepark:

Cable Rates:
P250.00 – 1 Hour Pass
P475.00 – 2 Hour Pass
P595.00 – 3 Hour Pass
P995.00 – 8 Hour Pass

Wakeboard and Bindings Rental:
P350.00 – 1 Hour
P600.00 – 2 Hours
P900.00 – 3 Hours
P1,500.00 – 8 Hours
P2,000.00 – Day and Night

Wakeskate Rental:
P250.00 – 1 Hour
P400.00 – 2 Hours
P600.00 – 3 Hours
P1,000.00 – 8 Hours
P1,250.00 – Day & Night

Red Horse Beer:
P65.00 – per can

FREE – all day

4. Helmets and lifejackets are mandatory for all riders. Safety gears are available for rent in Republ1c’s Shop.

5. I don’t know wakeboarding jargons to name the photos above but I found a wakeboarding glossary in the internet. However, I’m still not sure if I used it properly. I need help naming these photos, so if you happen to be a wakeboarder, I’d really appreciate a message so I could re-caption my photos immediately. Thank you. Hehe.

6. Please

7. More Laguna destinations in Biyaheng Laguna.

hanging out in Republic WakeparkThanks everyone for hanging out with me.

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