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Best Boracay Island Vacation 2012

What started as a one time vacation is now starting to become an annual event. Last year’s Boracay vacation was a blast. Each one went home, not only with souvenirs, but also with everlasting memories. This year,  we’re back, we’re bigger, and so much better. We’re here to have fun, enjoy its world class beaches, not to mention, party in its clubs until the sun is up. Let me share Our Boracay Island Vacation 2012.

As early as November 2011, my friends have been waiting for air fare promos, then group by group they booked tickets until almost everyone has purchased. The only thing left to do is wait. Unfortunately, I was one of those who was not able to book so I have to take the long way down.

Beautiful morning in Port of Roxas, Oriental Mindoro.

Got there just in time as the last vehicle was boarding the ferry.

Came the day of our vacation and every one got their bikinis and board shorts packed and ready to hit the beach. The day before our target date, I left the house and went to Sampaloc to ride a RODASTCO Van all the way to Roxas Port via the Roll On Roll Off (RORO) ferries cruising the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. From Batangas Port, the van boarded a ferry and disembarked at Calapan Port in Oriental Mindoro.  From there is a three hour drive to the Port of Roxas where I boarded the last ferry to Caticlan, and finally, the boat to Boracay Island. The 15-hour alternative way of traveling to Boracay was really exhausting but seeing its beautiful beach just got me so pumped up.

A stupid incident happened to me when I was in the ferry bound for Caticlan. As we approach the port, I got so excited and from my bag I grabbed the camera which accidentally clipped my mobile phone. When I pulled out the camera, along came the phone which dropped to the floor and separated the unit, battery cover, and the battery. Both the cover and the unit laid on the floor however, the battery bounced to the open sea. No more cellphone. Tired and exhausted, I have to find a way to get in touch with my buddies. Now, if I was one of those who arrived early, where would I be? They would be either in bar in Station 1 or probably bought their beers in a store near Shenna’s, and there big boys were standing tall in the middle of White Beach Path in front of the store where they just purchased an ice cold beer. I think I know my friends too well.

Nikki, Jay, and Mico, with a beautiful sky on the background.

Having an ice cold beer in Club Paraw while watching the sun set.

The mandatory Boracay sunset shot.

Later that afternoon while waiting for our other friends, we spent sometime in Station 1′s Club Paraw. Everyone was still tired from their trips but none wanted to waste a day in this tropical island. We had a laid back afternoon in front of the establishment while watching the sky turn to hues of blue, purple and red as the sun began to set. Not so soon after the sun set, more friends came and were just in time for on local beers. Our first night was a bit steady. After some few drinks, we grabbed a quick bite in Andok’s in D’ Mall since the popular roast chicken restaurant would definitely be open late at night. During meal times, many people dine here, and getting a table is tedious waiting game.

Andok’s. Another cheap way of surviving Boracay.

We woke up that morning looking for a cheap place to eat so we went to the main road and supposedly to take a tricycle. When we asked the driver to take us to an eatery serving cheap but delicious home cooked meals, he told us we don’t need his service but, instead, take a short walk to Jasper’s Tapsilog & Resto and bought, of course, Tapsilog. Most of the time, I ate here since food is cheap. I haven’t tried their Fried Rice but I heard it was good and comes with a hefty serving.

Facade of Jasper’s Tapsilog & Resto.

Tapa, Sinangag at Itlog for a 100% Pinoy breakfast.

After having a heavy breakfast, others still hung over from last night’s “victory drinking”, we walked along the main road towards Jonah’s Fruit Shakes & Snack Bar. Everyone grabbed their own shake, not only for hangovers, but to cool us down from the scorching heat. I had a Coffee Shake for P110.00 while the boys got fruit combination shakes. I saw from other blogs that Boracay wouldn’t be complete without having a Jonah’s shake – yes, I agree. It was my third time in the island but its a first for me. Jonah’s have two branches, as far as I know – one in the main road, and a bar/fruit shake joint along the beach both in Station 1.

Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar along the Main Road.

Rastafarian color inspired interiors and exteriors of Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar.

Our agenda for the day was a trip to Puka Beach since most of us haven’t been there and I’ve heard that it was the tranquil side of the island. So we got a tricycle, 5 in each three wheeled vehicle, and headed north of the the island. When we got there, others who had lunch went to look for a spot, and for us who haven’t dine in Tesebel’s Restaurant. After the meal, the girls decided to go back to White Beach and left us for a boy’s day out.

Unlike the popular White Beach, there were only a few people in Puka Beach. At the entrance of Puka Beach stood two restaurants and souvenir shops where puka shells are turned to handicrafts, decors, and jewelries. Those are the only establishments found in the area and the rest was 800 meters of white sand, puka shells, coconut trees, and a clear, azure sea. At some parts of the beach are open huts free of use but in need of repair and cleaning.

The sun was about to set, we took our group photos, and had the last gulp of beer before we headed back to White Beach. From a tricycle terminal in Puka Beach, we went back to our hotels, removed the salt from our bodies, and freshen up for dinner.

Entrance of Puka Beach.

Souvenir shops in Puka Beach.

Western end of the 800 meter Puka Beach.

Our (almost) all boys day out.

After a nice warm bath, my roommates and I went to D’ Talipapa for dinner. Freshly caught sea foods and recently slaughtered meat lay down in wet tiles waiting to be bought and cooked in restaurants offering cooking services. Having buttered shrimp, fried pork, sinigang, and chopsuey for dinner was a feast. They spent less for a hefty serving of dinner. Our tummies were bloated when we left the restaurant and looked for buddies.

A huge pile of oysters sold by the sea food vendor.

Good thing they also sell meat, since I’m not a fan of sea foods.

Row of restaurants offering cooking services.

The night was still young and its probably too early to party, so we went to a hotel where our buddies where having our own party. On a wide and spacious porch, our big group of 30 we’re having fun and enjoying the company of each other. It was about 11:00 PM when we went to night clubs and lounges to party until the establishment closes. For three days, our nightlife in Boracay Island was a hell of a party.

Everyone having a good time in Epic Bar.

Be hypnotized by various hues of vibrant lights in Club Summer Place.

The boys at Bamboo Lounge.

Mong and Andrew keeping it steady at the beach.

We went easy on ourselves the next day and spent the entire afternoon in White Beach. I got curious  of the green algae invading the some parts of the beach so I made a few research about it and for a complete explanation, please refer to this article in Backpacking Philippines. Amidst this green invasion on the beach, we still enjoyed the beach, and swam in its cool and clear water.

White Beach, Boracay

Unfortunately, it was only a speed boat parked on the beach, and that’s not ours.

The boys at White Beach, Boracay.

Island girls.

That afternoon, everyone agreed to go Paraw Sailing until sunset. It was actually my first time to try an activity in Boracay without any alcohol involved. Earlier, a friend already made a deal with a boatman to provide a boat for 20 persons and paid P150.00 each. We got 3 boats.

Before boarding the boats.

I found out that Paraw Sailing is not as easy as driving an outrigger boat.

Paraw Sailing under a cloudy afternoon.

Heading back to the beach as the sun sets.

Boats parked on the beach.

Boracay’s best asset would probably because of its ability to cater to different kinds of market. There are hotels, restaurants, shops, and activities for all walks of life. I’m happy since nowadays, more and more fellow Filipinos get to experience this world class beach destination which our country owns.  Traveling to Boracay  is now more affordable. Our Boracay trips were more of a group event than a personal travel experience. In a big group like ours, everyone would definitely have their own taste of what a best vacation would be. Boracay, I think, has it all.

But then again as I have said in my previous blog, “it’s not really the place which will define your experience – it’s who you’re with, the people you meet, and the buddies whom you’ve shared your laughs, drinks, and partying”. I’d be looking forward to our annual event and hopefully, a bigger group next year. I had fun in this trip and thank you to my friends who helped me join this activity. It is a really big thing for me. Thank you very much.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. My long way down route cost me about P1,300.00. Please refer to my Alternative Way of Going To Boracay blog for a detailed information.

2. Going around Boracay is easily accessible through tricycles.

3. Jasper’s Tapsilog is along the main road not far from D’ Mall. Try the Fried Rice and if you have, please share your insights about it. I’m really curious. It looks so delicious in picture and on a dish.

4. There are 5 Andok’s restaurants in Boracay. Aside from their famous Roast Chicken, they also sell pork chop, rice, fried chicken, and beer.These are the their locations and find out the nearest Andok’s to your hotel:

  • Balabag, Malay Aklan
  • Unit 5 & 6 Blk. 11 Unit 6 “D” Mall “D” Boracay, Balabag, Malay, Aklan
  • Unit 24 & 25, Balabag, Malay, Aklan
  • Boracay Morning Beach Resort, Brgy. Manoc Manoc, Boracay Island
  • Ambulong Road, Brgy. Manoc Manoc, Malay Aklan

5. Jonah’s Fruit Shakes and Snack Bar has two branches (as far as I know, please correct me if I’m wrong), one along the main road across Club Paraw, one at the beach front in Station 1, a few meters past Willy’s Rock. Different flavors of shakes cost from P95.00 – P120.00.

6. Tricycle to Puka Beach cost P30.00 each on a fully loaded tricycle. Please refer to my Puka Beach blog for more information.

7. My friends spent P2,000.00 all in all for a huge serving of dinner for 7 persons in D’ Talipapa. Please refer to my D’ Talipapa blog for more information.

8. Choose a night spot of your taste from numerous establishments in White Beach. Please refer to my Nightlife in Boracay blog for more information.

9. Paraw Sailing cost us approximately P150.00 – P200.00 per person and we rented 3 boats. If haggling, cut it down to a reasonable price if you think they are overpricing. Better yet, ask around first.

10. All Boracay pictures are posted on my page.

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