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Bantayan Island Cebu Beaches Santa Fe

Did you know that 80% of eggs consumed by Cebuanos came from one island alone? And, the epicenter of the egg-producing industry happens to be a paradise blessed with gorgeous beaches and man-made marvels that will capture the hearts of travelers who seek a more laidback and rural destination. Here’s a quick tour of Bantayan Island‘s famous destinations from Santa Fe, Bantayan, and all the way to Madridejos. (more…)

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Roxas City bridge capiz

Captivating Capiz” – the local tourism slogan which sounds pleasing to the ears yet no life will breathe in those words until seeing and experiencing the wonders of this beautiful province. Capiz certainly exceeded my expectations. I made a list of the things I did, maybe these would speak of the slogan’s meaning. (more…)

Tree house Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn Carles Iloilo Philippines

Escape – the driving force behind the utmost desire to travel faraway to withdraw ourselves from the rigors of the daily grind, the usual, the fast-paced system, our stressful routines – we want something different. Traveling for a week now to far flung quiet towns then instantly coping back into the hustle and bustle of the busy city was slightly hard to immediately endure. And so I fled to Panay Island‘s northeastern-most town, an island where the hands of time seemingly ticks seconds behind. I seek refuge in Carles, Iloilo‘s remote Islas de Gigantes in a place called Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn. (more…)

Guisi Lighthouse Nueva Valencia Guimaras

Guimaras, its name has always been synonymous to the sweetest mangoes of this planet. With 50,000 mango trees, the small island province is the breeding grounds of the world famous tropical fruit that have reached as far as the dining tables of Buckingham Palace and the White House. Let’s find out how venerated the mangoes are in the province, but let’s also take a look at the non-mango-related finds in the gorgeous island of Guimaras. (more…)

Bacon Sorsogon Paguriran Island morning

The name Sorsogon has always been associated with the largest known aquatic species called the whale shark. Despite it’s massive physique, this plankton-feeding gentle giant proved to be harmless to humans, and in fact, people could even dive and swim with whale sharks (within allowed proximity). The up-close encounter has enticed tourist to visit Donsol where they could be are mostly spotted However, this fascinating creature migrates on certain periods of the year and sightings drop zero. But don’t worry, even if whale sharks are not around, Sorsogon has a lot in store for you. Here are some places you might want to visit,  and some things you might want to try. (more…)