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Batad, Ifugao: Pushing Forward To Tappiya Falls

September 20, 2012 5 comments

Tappiyah Falls of Batad, Ifugao

Biyaherong Barat gladly informs you that the fun doesn’t stop in Batad Rice Terraces, it was only a starter. The Junction-Batad hike was just an perspiring entrée to a main course of an energy-draining, muscle-straining, and fatigue inducing trek served with an extra hot sun scorching right above our heads. But worry not, my friend, our dessert is a sweet treat of absolute rejuvenation that will wipe out the suffering that we endured. Together let’s satisfy our unending hunger for adventure. Let push forward to Tappiya Falls.

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Batad Rice Terraces: A Man-Made Marvel of Ancient Filipino Engineering

September 18, 2012 12 comments

Batad Rice Terraces Ifugao

Banaue is best explored on-foot – not on wheels, not on any mode of transportation, no nothing. Only the soles of your hiking shoes or the rubbers of your fancy flip-flops should set your uncallused feet apart from the face of the earth. Your muscle endurance and heat tolerance will be put to test in an agonizing trek of uphills and downhills through narrow walkways, uneven terrains, and steep slopes, to witness a renown UNESCO World Heritage Site situated at the heart of Cordillera Mountains. Join Biyaherong Barat on a trek to Batad’s Rice Terraces. Read more…

Banaue, Ifugao: The Underrated Ascend To Chappa Falls

September 12, 2012 2 comments

Chappa Falls in Banaue Ifugao

I lazily sat by Sanafe Lodge‘s balcony as I indulge on a warm cup of native brew while my eyes feast on a stunning panoramic view. As my eyeballs gently roll from left to right, the sun shone  deep beneath the mountains and revealed a cascading waterfalls squeezed in between gigantic slopes. “Rest” and “relax” weren’t really part of the itinerary written in my doodle-filled travel notebook, thus, there’s no need to waste time and kick start my Banaue, Ifugao adventure beginning with my ascend to Chappa Falls.

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Calamba, Laguna: 6th Philippine Wakeboard Nationals in REPUBL1C Wakepark

Wakeboarding in Republ1c Wakepark

Wakeboarding has become a fast-growing water sport in the Philippines and continuously attracting more thrill-seekers craving for another shot of adrenaline.  Extreme sports gear manufacturers and wakeboarding organizations promote the sport through competitions held in popular wake parks in the country. Held last August 17-19, 2012 was the 6th Philippine Wakeboard Nationals to introduce the latest extreme sports hub in the Philippines, REPUBL1C Wakepark in Calamba, Laguna. Read more…

Baler, Aurora: A Joyful Joyride With Genesis’ Joy Bus

July 17, 2012 6 comments

Traveling through the mountainous region of Nueva Vizcaya on the way to Aurora Province was made convenient thanks to continuous development of roads and daily trips care off Genesis Bus Lines. And with the company’s latest addition to their fleet, the journey to the heart of Aurora Province was even made better with a  “first class” coach called “Joy Bus” Read more…

A Glimpse Of Baranggay Liwliwa in San Felipe, Zambales: Surfers & Skim Boarders’ Secret Spot

Browsing pictures from years back, I came across a beach destination we, beach enthusiast,  used to frequent and is a popular among surfers. Being off from tourist maps, only little communities of board riders and salt water savvy knew about the small baranggay known for its occasional surfs. Let’s take a peek at Baranggay Liwliwa. Read more…

Liliw, Laguna: Arabela Restaurant & An On-Foot Side Trip To The “Tsinelas Capital”

June 11, 2012 6 comments

Slabs of meat on a sky high price, pastas having fancy Italian names, small slices of cake sitting on a large white plate, and all other extravagant dishes on a fine dining restaurant’s menu are, most of the time, not found on a cheap person’s food budget list who would rather prefer to eat on a roadside turo turo carinderias. But in the country’s “Tsinelas Capital” (slippers) is a restaurant who made both end meets. Indulging on steaks, pizza and pasta, sweet treats, etc. have never been this cheap in Liliw, Laguna’s Arabela Camello’s Bakehaus & Coffee Shop.

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Long Way Up To Capones Lighthouse in San Antonio, Zambales

June 4, 2012 4 comments

A loud roar by the boat’s engine trembled my ear and triggered excitement as we set off to our first destination, Capones Island. Salt water splashed on my face while our small boat battles the current, running over small humps Read more…