Bicol’s Best Beaches & Board Sports

Bicol being bound by numerous bodies of water offers a unique destination for a contrasting range of travelers seeking the best of both worlds. It is a region naturally engineered to be a peaceful escape and an adventure hub at the same time. Get your board shorts and bikinis ready as we get to know Bicol’s best pristine beaches and and thrill-induced board sports.

“Gateway to Bicolandia” Welcome Arch.

Located in a remote part of Camarines Sur, Caramoan Islands‘ pristine beaches were once among Bicol’s best kept secrets turned top destination after foreign reality show release.  Crystal clear waters and white sand beaches which sprawls throughout the entire Caramoan Peninsula would definitely lure travelers to visit numerous islands. Unending explorations await intrepid adventurers while charming its visitors is a peaceful escape that will make the Caramoan experience truly unforgettable.

Boat ride to Caramoan Island.

Island hopping in Caramoan Peninsula.

Camarines Sur’s pride, Camsur Watersports Complex, popularly known as CWC,  is a hub to a growing community of water sports enthusiast and fanatics. Adrenalin junkies clad in their fancy board sports apparel and equipment flock in CWC’s cable-system wake park to feed the crave for rush. CWC invites wake boarders, wake skaters, and water skiers to try their wake park which caters to beginners all the way to pros.

Having both an adventure hub and an unspoiled natural wonders in Camarines Sur boosted the influx of tourist since CWC opened and the reality show filming. Increase in tourism created job opportunities for locals and placed Camarines Sur on the map.

Equipment for wake boarding.

Pulling off some stunts with the wakeboard.

Wakeboarding in CWC’s wake park.

Nestled at the shores of Daet is Camarines Norte’s popular surf spot called Bagasbas Beach. Waves delivered by the blue Pacific Ocean made surfing a local sport in town. Put on a safety harness, tie some strings, attached to a parachute, now Bagasbas is also home to kite surfing – an addition to Camarines Norte‘s arsenal of extreme sports.

Daet’s board riders and extreme sports enthusiasts take pride with their favorite hobby and even celebrate it with the Bagasbas Summer Surf Festival. And like the festival, most celebrations and even small community events are also frequently held in Bagasbas. But most of the time, it’s simply an everyday place for Daet’s residents.

As a public beach, Bagasbas catering to everyone from locals to visitors, rich and poor, water sport addicts and beach lovers alike, provides a haven for people from all walks of life. For me, Bagasbas is a southern rendition of Baler’s Sabang Beach packed with a 1-2 punch.

Bagasbas Beach late in the afternoon.

Watch out for areas with the “Warning: Strong Current” sign.

Off the eastern coast of Camarines Norte are the virgin islands of Calaguas where Mahabang Buhangin Beach sat in isolation. Turquoise blue waters surround the island of wind-swept hills with a powdery-white sanded beach sprawling over a kilometer, thus, being named Mahabang Buhangin (literally translates to ‘long beach’ in Filipino).

 Calaguas Group of Islands being secluded two hours away from the mainland kept the creeping urbanization far from reaching the island. Developments can’t even get a glimpse of Calaguas on the horizon, therefore, cutting off communication to the outside world – literally.  No mobile signals, no hotels, much worse, little or no electricity. But on the contrary, the islands weakness is definitely its greatest strength. Nothing stands between man and Mother Nature, a true definition of a quintessential island experience.

Thriving marine life visible from the surface.

A pleasant morning in Mahabang Buhangin Beach.

Beach of the neighboring island of Banocboc.

Situated facing the Pacific is the wind-whipped island of Catanduanes where most typhoons traveling to the main island of Luzon first hails over the province, thus being dubbed as the “Land of the Howling Winds”. Amidst the typhoons frequenting the island, surfers from the local and international scene keep storming a hidden surfer’s haven called Puraran Beach. Its barrel-like  waves named “The Majestics” peak to a 10-foot swell and actually made a name for itself.

If Puraran Beach wouldn’t be a surf spot, its crystal clear waters and white sands enclosed in jagged rock formations would still top the charts. Concealed beneath the mountainous geography of the area, Puraran lies on an off-beaten path which would invite any solitary traveler searching for seclusion.

Puraran Beach in Baras, Catanduanes.

Rocky shoreline in some parts of Puraran Beach.

Clear waters of Puraran Beach.

Caramoan, Bagasbas, CWC, Calaguas and Puraran are only a handful of the idyllic vacation spots for both thrill seekers and undaunted wanderers. Countless destinations all over the Bicol Region offers adrenaline inducing adventures and ultimate outdoor experiences that will truly define an unforgettable journey. Bicol is a land of contrast where tranquil paradise and wild encounters sits side by side under the same sun.


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