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Real, Quezon: Balagbag Falls’ Leap Of Faith

Not far from the Pacific Recreation Kamp (PaRK) we took on an off beaten side trip to give us a taste of nature and ice cold fresh flowing water. Hidden beneath the mountains of the Sierra Madre is a waterfalls visited by adrenalin junkies looking for quick thrill and overflowing excitement. Take the leap of faith in Real, Quezon’s Balagbag Falls.

Entry point to Balagbag Falls is located at the bridge in Tignoan. If coming from The PaRK, Real Town Proper (Poblacion) or Infanta, head south on the main highway then turn left after passing the bridge in Tignoan. Repairs are currently on-going on the unpaved Mauban-Real Road so one lane traffic are observed at some areas .  Rough patches, puddles of mud, and dirt made up the mountainside road of Mauban-Real but on the contrary, passers by are rewarded with a scenic view of the vast Pacific.

Scenic view of mountains and the sea on the way to Balagbag Falls.

Passing by the dirt road.

Passing by the Brgy. Malapad marker.

A bridge over a semi-dry river bed.

Jump off point from the short hike is the small bridge along the Mauban-Real Road. A small sari-sari store charges visitors a P20.00 entrance fee before beginning the 5-minute hike. Snacks and drinks are also available at the store, expect prices to be higher than usual.

Traverse the river by an established trail through luscious vegetation until reaching a make-shift staircase built of rocks and dirt. The no-sweat hike leads to a stream and Balagbag Falls comes into view.

Established trail to the falls.

Short staircase made from rocks leading to the stream.

Balagbag Falls consist of two drops enclosed in a thick green forest. Cascading through huge boulders sculpted by the unending flow is a 50-foot tiered falls found on the first drop . Water lands on a shallow pool filled with various sizes of rocks covered with moss. From there, the water runs to the second drop onto a 20-foot plunge to a deep catch basin of shivering cold water. The shallow part of the pool is ideal for swimming or sit by the rocks while the freezing water caresses your skin.

A narrow passage on the left side of the falls leads upward to the tiered falls. On the way up is a small pool where you can bathe on gushing water seemingly therapeutic for tired back muscles.

Two drops of Balagbag Falls.

Catch basin ideal for swimming.

Small catch basin.

Having a shower at the small catch basin.

Cascading through huge boulders.

Many visitors of Balagbag frequent not only the beauty of the falls but also after the rush. Balagball Falls offers a heart pounding 20 foot jump and 2 seconds of zero gravity feeling that will pump adrenaline in the entire body. As you surface, the fear conquering act rewards jumpers with a thrill of accomplishment. A visit to Balagbag Falls would not be complete without a single jump.

Many await their turn to jump.

Two second feeling of zero gravity.

Retreat from the city and seek and refuge in the arms of Mother Nature. Balagbag Falls is an ideal destination for outdoor lovers, families, and friends. Kids would surely love to bathe in its cold water while teens and adults test their courage by 20-foot plunge. Enjoy a picnic with your family provided that surroundings is kept clean. Balagbag Falls is a good destination that will complete your Real, Quezon travel itinerary.


Now here are some fast facts that may help you in y

our trip:

1. If you’re commuting, you can hire a tricycle at the entry point of Real-Mauban road which would cost probably P150.00-P200.00. A jeep bound for Mauban passes by the road however I don’t have their schedule.

2. If you’re bringing a vehicle, there is a P20.00 parking fee.

3. Entrance Fee to Balagbag Falls is P20.00

4. You can have picnics in native huts available for rent.

5. Please keep the surroundings clean and avoid to leave your trash behind.

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9. Enjoy and be safe on your trip.

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