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Nightlife in Boracay Island

The sun may be down, but Boracay is never out. Bass starts pumping, streaks of light pulsates with the beat, and the energy is still rising – it’s party time in the island. In this article, I’d like to share our 4 days of shindig until dawn breaks. Who said Biyaherong Barat don’t know how to party? Let me tell you about our Nightlife in Boracay Island during our last visit.

Aside from the quintessential tropical island of coconut trees, powdery white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters, Boracay is also known for its nightlife. Visitors, foreign and local, treat themselves to numerous bars and lounges that suits their flavor after a day of fun under the sun. From the wide variety of establishments in White Beach, I will share some of the night spots we visited and enjoyed during our stay in the island.

We were looking for a place where relax over a few drinks while enjoying the cool breeze of the sea then when we got to Station 1, we came across with Bamboo Lounge. We sat on these big fat couches with cushions pillows around a low box table; both furniture stood on a native hand-weaved mat. As the lounge music plays on, we ordered a few drinks and a mixed fruit-flavored hookah to kick start our night.

The boys chilling at Bamboo Lounge.

Enjoying the drinking game with ice cold beer and shisha in Bamboo Lounge.

Drinking game rule: “NEVER remove the finger from the nose”

After a few drinks, we walked from Station 1, and as we approached Station 2, every step we were taking, we felt the bass thud harder and there was Epic Bar. Different streaks of light pulsates with the house music playing and without even noticing, you’re probably nodding your head to the beat and you don’t even know the song playing. Next thing you’ll know, you’re raising your hand while holding your bottle of beer or whatever drink you’re having just like the guy in my cover photo. Epic Bar, during our visit, probably was the hippest place where everyone came for some moving and grooving on their bikinis, board shorts, and flip flops. When the sunlight is out, Epic’s tunes move the people and its strobes and colorful lights illuminate the restaurant by day,  club at night.

Moved by music and glittering lights.

Jamjam jamming in his “jeggings”

You’ve got served… by Fos.

Maru moving to the beat of modern house music in Epic Bar.

Everyone having a good time in Epic Bar.

Similar to Epic and also on Station 2, Club Summer Place is also a good place to party where vibrant lights, good music, and everything a discotheque needs to be hip. The good thing about Summer Place, unlike Epic, it’s open until the wee hours of the morning. House lights were lit, personnel sweeping the floor, and every one was leaving – that was the scene when we left Epic, but our energy was still up and adrenalin was still pumping. With our newly met friends, we took a short walk and spent the rest of the night partying in Summer Place.

Enjoying conversations with strangers (now our friends) over a few beers and lots of laughs.

Vibrant lights filled Summer Place’s interiors.

Another good club to visit would be Club Paraw, however, there was no “activity” when we got there so after a few drinks, we decided to go to Epic. But on our first day, we spent the entire afternoon, just chilling in Paraw until sunset before we moved to the oldest original running bar in Boracay, Cocomangas Shooter Bar for the happy hour’s buy one, take one promo on local beers. Cocomangas is also known for it’s “Still Standing After 15″ which means you intoxicate yourself with 15 different liquor shots and if you finish it, you get a t-shirt, and tons of bragging rights. Unfortunately, you still have to pay for your drinks.

Club Paraw and Cocomangas Shooter Bar were the two establishments we frequented in our Boracay Trip last year where every one had their own share of good time and lots of booze.

Having our last bottles before Cocomangas’s buy one, take one promo.

Cocomangas. A picture from last year’s Boracay trip.

Mong and Andrew keeping it steady at the beach.

Partying every night would definitely be too expensive so at times we buy our own drinks, and either drank it in hotels or sat down by the beach while listening to some steady beach tunes. It’s my first time to see and experience Epic Bar, Bamboo Lounge, and Summer Place but after all those night clubs and establishments that we’ve been, it made me realize that it’s not really the place which will define your experience – it’s who you’re with, the people you meet, and the buddies whom you’ve shared your laughs, drinks, and partying. These applies to all travels that I’ve been, that’s why every trip is special even if I’ve been there several times. I woke up the next day and saw the Epic Bar wrist band and told myself, “What a crazy ‘epic’ night?” or should I say a crazy “epic” vacation, definitely one for the books .

Woke up the next morning still wearing this paper wrist band.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. An entrance fee of P200.00 – P300.00 was charged in Epic Bar when we went there on a Friday and a Saturday but it was free on Sunday.

2. Local beers in all establishments cost around P70.00 – P100.00 per bottle.

3. Buy one take one promo during happy hour in Cocomangas from 6:00 – 9:30 PM.

4. 50% off on San Mig Light and Pale Pilsen in Bamboo Lounge during happy hours.

5. There are lots of bars in Boracay, these are only some that we’ve visited.


7. Smoking on the beach front is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

8. Enjoy your Boracay nights like we did.

9. Like

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11. I would like to share photos of my friends and our newly found good friends. Had fun with everyone.

Thank you, Shua Caballes and Jae Escalada. Until next year, my friends.

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    Looks like you had a awesome time in EPIC! Love that place, Im an expat living in Boracay for several years now and really enjoy the nightlife here, maybe too much lol. would be cool to have a beer next time your on the island, did you checkout Juice bar and summer place too?

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      Yes, beer, that would be great. I’ve been to Summer Place but I haven’t been to Juice Bar. Where is Juice Bar located? I’d love to check it out. =)

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