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Long Way Up To Capones Lighthouse in San Antonio, Zambales

June 4, 2012 4 comments

A loud roar by the boat’s engine trembled my ear and triggered excitement as we set off to our first destination, Capones Island. Salt water splashed on my face while our small boat battles the current, running over small humps Read more…

Biyahe Lokal in Cagbalete Island’s Pansacola Resort

April 13, 2012 9 comments

Ah yes, Holy Week. Who could’ve resist taking advantage of the long vacation offered by the Holy Week then extending for an additional day until the Day of Valor? From the stressful daily routine everybody takes, an extended vacation would definitely give you ample time to recharge your body. You know what’s better than recharging your body from the stress you took? Recharging your body from the stress you took in Cagbalete Island while letting Biyahe Lokal do all the work for you. Read more…

Quezon Province: Best Travel Deals To Cagbalete Island

March 29, 2012 7 comments

Experience the beauty of this quaint island down South. One that boasts of its pristine beaches where the rapid evolution of modernization has not yet sat its foot on. A tropical hideaway where all the elements, the sun, sky, sand,  and saltwater sums up to an island of breath-taking beauty. All of which combined create the perfect formula of one untouched paradise called Cagbalete Island.

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Biyahe Lokal’s Best Beach Travel Packages

February 6, 2012 7 comments

Experience the outdoors in a fun adventure to Luzon’s hidden getaways. Live the island life in either Calaguas Island, Quezon Province, Zambales, or Batangas. Be charmed by the majestic view of the pristine beaches.  All of these in one memorable overnight trip.

Explore the beauty of these places in a package tour of your choice. Rates range from P1,900 AND UP depending on your choice of destination/s. PACKAGE INCLUDES transportation (van and boat transfers), 3 meals (lunch, dinner, and breakfast), entrance fees, and camping equipment.

It’s affordable and hassle-free! Live life and make memories.

For inquiries, call or text YANI () or MARU (), or message us here on .

Thank you!


DESTINATIONS & RATES (based on a 10 persons per group rate):


Calaguas Island (3 Days 2 Nights) – P3,700 per person


Anawangin Cove – P2,200.00 per person
Nagsasa Cove – P2,500.00 per person
Silanguin Cove – P2,800.00 per person
Capones Island – additional P200
Crystal Beach (Package A) -  P1,900 per person
Crystal Beach (Package B) -  P2,500 per person
Crystal Beach (Package C) -  P2,800 per person


Pacific Recreation Kamp (The Park) – P1,900 per person
Cagbalete Island – P2,900 per person


Laiya, San Juan – P3,300 per person

PACKAGE INCLUDES (inclusion vary from destinations):

Land Transfers
Sea Transfers (if necessary)
Tent/s and sleeping equipment (for outdoor packages)
Environmental Fees
Port Fees
Entrance fees
Meals – lunch, dinner & breakfast
*Cagbalete Island package consist of 5 meals
*Crystal Beach package B and C has resort’s complimentary breakfast
MORE PICTURES & DESTINATIONS IN . (More pictures also)


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San Antonio, Zambales’ Hidden Beaches: Silanguin Cove

January 20, 2012 15 comments

Situated facing the vast South China Sea, Zambales boasts of numerous beaches every nature lover, intrepid travelers, and thrill seekers would love to visit. Being within a three-hour-travel proximity from Manila made the coastal province a weekend warrior’s favorite escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our weekend escape warped us to an isolated paradise in one of San Antonio’s well-kept coves called Silanguin. Read more…

Mauban, Quezon: MVT Sto. Niño In Cagbalete Island

July 21, 2011 17 comments

bonsai in cagbalete island

The rainy season is on its heydays and definitely far from over but no idiots like us love the beach, sand, and salt water (no sun) on stormy days. We simply can’t wait for the sun to be up and smiling back on us. No more introductions needed. We’ve been here before and back. This is our third time on the island, the second under bad weather conditions, and my first time on the eastern side. This is Cagbalete Island. Read more…

Boracay Island Vacation 2011

April 16, 2011 7 comments

Who hasn’t heard of the Philippines’ most popular paradise, Boracay Island? It’s the talk of town, it’s featured in international and local travel magazines, it’s been all over the net through travel blogs, websites, it’s been rated one of the top beaches of the planet, and, in Facebook, the most viewed album by men is the opposite sex’s recent trip to Boracay (well, it’s actually my good friend’s theory). Read more…

San Antonio, Zambales: Capones Lighthouse

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Faro De Punta Capones, commonly known as Capones Light house, this late 1800 structure, located on top of a hill in Capones Island, still guides sea vessels as they pass by the South China Sea.

Read the full article in Long Way Up To Capones Lighthouse in San Antonio, Zambales