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Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, Zambales

Blogging about this feature took me a while before I actually started writing. Took me quite a while and does not know where to even begin with. I took a stroll down memory lane and browsed photos of previous visits in this resort, and, for some time years ago, we kept coming back.

Two weeks ago, after 4 long years, we made it back in this coastal town of Zambales, but this time, we’re here not feed our cravings for that salt water and beach vibes, rather on a mission letting others experience the fun and memorable moments we treasure before. These memorable moments pulled us back to were it all began. Let me tell you about this local weekend spot, then let me tell you about . Let’s go to Crystal Beach, San Narciso, Zambales.

Our newly found business took us to the coastal province of Zambales. Long stretches of beach made this province one of our favorites for weekend getaways. Few days ago we went to La Paz Crystal Beach Resort, commonly known as Crystal Beach. San Narciso made it’s way to the maps being popular among surfers and was considered one of the popular surf spots closest to Manila (though Real I think is much closer), and then there was Crystal Beach accommodating surfers, visitors and guests who wanted to spend their vacation in town.

Front gate of Crystal Beach Resort

Beach front.

Crystal Beach is situated in San Narciso, the 3rd town after Subic and 4th after the provincial capital Olongapo. Accessible by commuting and driving, the town’s most popular resort can be easily located. Victory Liner buses have daily trips to several towns in Iba and Sta. Cruz that passes by the town proper. Tricycles await  travelers getting off buses. Just ask the tricycle driver to take you to Crystal Beach and you’ll be standing at the resort’s gates in minutes. If you’re driving on the other hand, you take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). From there you have two choices, (a) take San Fernando Exit, head west then enter Dinalupihan SCTEX then exit at Subic, or (b) take the farthest exit, Dau, then take the SCTEX to Subic. (Personally I’d prefer taking San Fernando if we leave Manila very early in the morning. Traffic is light. But if the sun is up and volume is rising, I’d take Dau SCTEX). Upon exiting Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), head North passing the towns of Castillejos, and San Marcelino. From San Marcelino town, head straight and do not turn left to San Antonio. Once you reach San Narciso, you will see signs to Crystal Beach.

Nipa hut facing the open sea.

Cogon huts.(Pictures of rooms coming soon)

Tent pitching area.

Swing hanging on a tree.

Walkway to the beach. (I just love this structure that’s why I included it)

Though Crystal Beach is known among surfers, Crystal beach has also attracted different market such as beach lovers and enthusiast, weekend warriors, and those who simply just want to get out of their busy lives. The resort caters to all social classes since there are many types of lodging and accommodation to choose from. From tents to cogon huts, fan rooms to air-conditioned rooms, from traditional nipa huts to modern rooms complete with air conditioning, private toilet with hot & cold shower, and cable TV, and so on and so forth. Crystal Beach’s accommodations will definitely suit any traveler’s pockets.

Surfing in San Narciso. Capones Island on the background.

Skim boarding on shore breaks.

Playing beach volleyball

When the sun is up, there’s nothing else to do but to enjoy the sand, saltwater, and the surf. Crystal Beach has been known for it’s occasional friendly to crazy waves (I don’t know how to call waves, not a surfer, an enthusiast though) has been a prime location for beginners to advanced surfers especially for those who just want to surf over the weekend without heading far out to Baler, Daet, La Union, etc. Aside from surfing, skim boarders enjoy the shore breaks sweeping the beach. We saw this group spending the whole morning skim boarding through the quarter piped waves (if that’s how you call it) riding their way back to shore. If you’re not the athletic type, who would rather watch and bum at beach, you can seek shade under the cool  of the cogon hut standing on the grey washed sand. After a few rides, some bruises and sun burn, but still up for some activities, Crystal Beach also offers other activities such as volleyball, billiards, darts, or try their obstacle course if you like. There’s simply a lot of things to do that you’ll never run out of activities.

Resting under the cool shade of beach front nipa huts.

Tall mountains serve as a wonderful backdrop.

Now, let  me share a little about our small business. We’re currently running a small travel organizing group, and Crystal Beach is one of our destinations. We’d love to take small or big groups for weekend trips, or even on weekdays if they prefer, for only a small price. ‘s Crystal Beach Packages includes transportation, three (3) meals, and accommodations. You can choose from our 3 packages that will surely fit your tight budget but not compromising the quality of our service. (See notes below for package rates)

My beloved friends and I have been to Crystal Beach for many times but the good vibrations and steady environment never changes. We’ve spent so many occasions and holidays in the resort, such a birthday parties and despedida’s. From the very first time we sat foot in San Narciso, we already fell in love in the place. It’s sand may be not as white as Boracay, rooms not as fancy as first class hotes, but its simply great for simply being simple. We love its beach, we love the mountains on the background, we love everything about it. Most of all, the beautiful place for reasonable price keeps you coming back for more.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Biyahe Lokal’s Crystal Beach Packages

P1,900.00 Package A includes:

  • Transportation to and from San Narciso, Zambales
  • Entrance fees
  • Three (3) meals – lunch, dinner & breakfast
  • Tent/s and sleeping equipment.
  • Free use of skim board/s, frisbee, volleyball, guitar, hammock
  • Free photos
  • Registered nurse/s accompany the trip to ensure safety

P2,500.00 Package B includes:

  • Transportation to and from San Narciso, Zambales
  • Entrance fees
  • Three (3) meals – lunch & dinner, and complimentary breakfast buffet
  • Fan room with CR.
  • Free use of skim board/s, frisbee, volleyball, guitar, hammock
  • Free photos
  • Registered nurse/s accompany the trip to ensure safety

P2,800.00 Package C includes:

  • Transportation to and from San Narciso, Zambales
  • Entrance fees
  • Three (3) meals – lunch & dinner, and complimentary breakfast buffet
  • Air conditioned room with CR w/ hot and cold shower, satellite TV cable
  • Registered nurse/s accompany the trip to ensure safety

Like our page and see more of Biyahe Lokal’s destinations in . For bookings and inquiries, you can reach us through:

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2. See for more photos.

3. Enjoy and always be safe on your trip.

4. If you’re looking for the cheapest and complete travel packages to Zambales, see Biyahe Lokal.

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    Hey dude, thanks for this blog. Since you’ve been to Crystal Beach, would you know if there are sari sari stores nearby the place so we could buy stuff like liquors, etc??

    • May 24, 2012 at 5:09 am | #2
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      Hello Sir JR,

      Yes sir, there are stores selling alcohol, cigarettes, across Crystal Beach’s entrance and another one not far from it. Crystal Beach charges corkage fees. There’s actually a store inside the resort but they do not sell alcohol.

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