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Boracay Island Vacation 2011

Who hasn’t heard of the Philippines’ most popular paradise, Boracay Island? It’s the talk of town, it’s featured in international and local travel magazines, it’s been all over the net through travel blogs, websites, it’s been rated one of the top beaches of the planet, and, in Facebook, the most viewed album by men is the opposite sex’s recent trip to Boracay (well, it’s actually my good friend’s theory).

Boracay is the most popular and busiest beach among the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. As everyone has heard of, aside from Boracay’s powdery white sand, cool and clear waters which attracts tourist from all over the world, there is a lot of activities and entertainment to choose from. There is S.C.U.B.A. diving for all levels who love the reefs where most of the Pacific sea species thrive. Adrenalin junkies feel the rush with numerous water sports to choose from like kite boarding, skim boarding, kayaking, etc . For a laid back experience, there’s paraw sailing and island hopping. At night, party animals flock at the island’s hip and popular clubs and establishments. Lots of activities are in store for travelers searching for something new to experience.

Mountain peaks float from the sea of clouds.

Touch down at Kalibo Airport.

Everyone knows that going to Boracay means spending money. But there are actually ways and loopholes to get a bang for your buck. First, getting to the island. Taking a plane is the fastest and the most convenient way of going to Boracay . Plane fares today are dropping so booking months from your travel date means less expense unlike booking the flight days before. If you need to book a few days before the trip, better check air transportation websites daily, and wait for fares to go down, just like what I did. Kalibo and Caticlan airports would be your destination. Fare going to Kalibo are usually cheaper than Caticlan but they also vary from time to time. However, if you’re traveling from Kalibo, you still have to travel approximately 2 hours to Caticlan, aside from that, sometimes the driver fills the van with passengers first before leaving so it’s really time consuming. When you get to Caticlan sea port, aside the boat fare, one has to pay the environmental & admission fee (locals don’t have to pay for this). , and the terminal fee. And finally, when you get to the island, tricycles will take your desired station or anywhere in the island.

Rest under the tall coconut trees lined along the beach front adding more of the tropical flavor.

Cold beers on a hot afternoon under Club Paraw’s umbrellas.

A child makes castle out of the soft white sand.

Some charge fees to those who take picture at sand castles made by the pros.

There are numerous lodging houses, inns, and hotels you can choose from with prices depending on location (if its near the beach, on the roadside etc.), amenities, and features. But definitely, in a popular place like Boracay, there’s a room which can accommodate cheap travelers. Looking for cheap food is also easy. Like everywhere else, there’s a small eatery right around the corner, or deep inside alleys.

The problem if you’re traveling on a tight budget, you are limiting yourself to the activities like para-sailing, SCUBA diving, wind surfing, etc. Experiencing different things every once in a while is a good thing so if you want to do an activity better save some of those extra cash.

SCUBA divers from an underwater expedition.

Local skim boarder.

Local-looking skimboarder.

Beach football.


Boracay is really a famous  international destination when it comes to beaches. Amidst the crowd, the loud noises, and everything else. Walking on its soft white sand, and bathing in its cool waters gave me what I was looking for. Experiencing Boracay with my good friends made every minute of my stay in Boracay worth it.

Here are some of the few photos I took. Please enjoy.

Sun bathing in the soft white sand

Some resorts have beach front umbrellas guest can use.

Having a laid back afternoon.

Boracay Island’s Station 1.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Air fare would be your most crucial obstacle. Wait for promos, and sales, better yet, check the prices everyday. Check the websites of Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Seair, for online booking. Terminal fee in Centennial Terminal cost P200.00 and P50.00 in Kalibo Airport.

2. Vans from Kalibo charges P150.00-P175.00 per head. Some offer packages including boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay.

3. Environmental & Admission Fee cost P75.00
Caticlan Port has a terminal fee of P50.00
Boat ride to Boracay cost P25.00
4. SMOKING AT THE BEACH FRONT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You’ll be charged P500.00 if violated. Kudos to those who established this law.

5. P50.00 is the standard price of Red Horse Beer 500ml.

6. Be safe and enjoy your trip.

7. See for more pictures

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I am really sorry if my Boracay blog was not helpful for I was not able to go around and explore due to my tight budget. But hopefully some information here would come handy. Please enjoy some of the pictures though.

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    April 22, 2011 at 4:29 am | #1
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    I am surprised na gumagaling ka na din mag gawa ng story. I like the pictures…especially, the coconut trees. Wala dito nyan…they have clean beaches pero walang coconut trees…that is what i really miss.

    • April 24, 2011 at 2:12 pm | #2
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      Beaches with coconuts. =) Kaya masaya sa tropical country. Uwi ka na kase, ma!

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