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Surf, Skim & Swim in Real, Quezon

Among all the destinations that we’ve been, the most visited would be Real, Quezon’s  The Pacific Recreation Kamp due to its proximity, best of all, expenses are cheap and reasonable.  Spending a short vacation  in Real presents a adventurous escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. In this blog, Biyaherong Barat features activities weekend warriors would love and definitely come back for more. Let us Surf, Skim and Swim in Real, Quezon.

Manila East Road is the usual route to Real cutting through several towns of Rizal Province to Siniloan, Laguna. This road is convenient for those coming from Rizal, Marikina, and Quezon City. Our route this time was the Laguna route since most of my companions came from the south and meet up was in Los Baños.

real quezon tignoan beachSunrise in Real, Quezon.

Huts for rent.

I got up from the two-hour drive just as the rose from the blue Pacific on that beautiful sunny morning and from afar we heard the crashing waves inviting newbies like us to try surfing. But first things first, some of my friends went to the nearby talipapa which was a 5 minute drive from The Park to get something for breakfast while I pitched the dome type tents we rented. We also rented an open hut for our dining area.

Surfboards perfect for beginners like us.

The Park’s board rack.

Locals, The Park personnel, and  camper were preparing their boards to ride the morning surf. Curious and eager about the sport, we rented a long surf board (long board) to try our luck. Local surfing instructor, Kuya Arwin, provided us with a yellow long board and a leash, and told us waves that morning are perfect for beginners. Due to excitement, my heart was pounding so fast and I was so pumped. We hurriedly went to the beach, and swam alongside experienced and local surfers.

Beach/wave graffiti inspiration to get beginners pumped and excited.

Harry carrying the surfboard on the way to beach.


Surfing lessons using a wide stand up paddle board which can also be used for surfing.

Three to five foot waves charged toward the beach while one paddled and the other pushed. Everyone, not only the rider,  got excited as the wave approached and saw our friend paddling deep, working his arms, and standing on the board. Everyone applauded. The 10-second rush was victory and worth celebrating.

Waves may have pommeled and wiped us out at times but we kept on going. All pro-surfers started like this so why be afraid to try surfing, and besides, it was really a fun and thrill-inducing activity. An hour of surfing from an two-day escapade was not so bad.

Harry feeling the energy.

Skim boarding Sij.

Thank you for this shot.

Tignoan Beach at low tide.

Later that afternoon, when the tides subsided, we went to the northern end of Tignoan Beach to try another board sport, skim boarding. Tignoan beach’s smooth and sandy shore at the northern end is ideal for skim boarding. The thin layer of water gives the skim boarder to a long smooth ride as he glides along the shore.

Since Real is a coastal town, we grabbed the opportunity of buying cheap seafood delicacies and cooked it ourselves. The talipapa offers a wide variety of affordable sea foods. We had salmon in lemon butter sauce, stuffed squid, buttered shrimp and mango salad for dinner. Our long and tiring day called for a feast.

Seafood festival.

Stuffed squid.

Grilled shrimp.

We still surfed early the next day but our main agenda was a nature expedition to Balagbag Falls and ended our vacation with a dinner in Liliw’s Arabela Restaurant (both I previously wrote).

Click to read more about Balagbag Falls.

Click to read more about Arabela.


Now here are some fast facts that may help you in your trip:

1. Commuting via the Laguna route (ideal for those coming from the south): Ride a bus to Sta. Cruz, Laguna and at the terminal look for a jeep to Siniloan. From Siniloan there are buses and jeeps going to Real and Infanta both passing by The Park.

2. Driving via the Laguna Route (ideal for those coming from the south): Take South Luzon Expressway and exit at Calamba. Turn right at Calamba Crossing to the National Highway. This road passes by Los Banos, Bay, Calauan, Victoria, Pila, Sta. Cruz and Pagsanjan. When you arrive at the T-Junction in Pagsanjan, turn left and head straight to Siniloan. From Siniloan, read The Pacific Recreation Kamp feature.

3. Tent rental is P300.00 good for 2-3 persons.

4. Hut rental is P600.00 for the small hut, and P900.00 for the big hut

5. Surf board rental is P200.00/board. Lessons are also available for P200.00.  Stand up paddle board is P300.00

6. For more information about Real and other Quezon Province destinations:

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8. Enjoy and be safe on your trip. *hang loose sign*

Watch Harry’s “Real, Quezon” video. More of Harry’s works in Man Vs. Himself.

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