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D’ Talipapa: “Paluto” Cooking Services in Boracay

Being the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines invites many establishments especially the food business to venture in the island bringing the urban flavor in the rural setting. Due to this development came well known restaurants,  food chains, and coffee shops. However, the local cuisine of freshly caught seafood would definitely be on top of the menu and the best place to buy-and-eat would be in D’ Talipapa. Read more…

The Coffee Shop’s Jumbo Taco in Subic, Zambales

March 7, 2012 2 comments

Food blogging isn’t really my thing, but dropping by this local restaurant has always took part on my Zambales trips. Many may have wrote about this Mexican delight, but maybe none has told you how you eat it. Never have I tried a taco this big, a taco this cheap, a taco this good. With no further ado,  I bring to you The Coffee Shop Restaurant’s Jumbo Taco. Read more…

San Juan, La Union Is Surfing

March 5, 2011 13 comments

February was almost over and derailing ourselves from the train of daily routine was on top of our minds. Later that week, we got back on the road because this month we’re not letting this month end without soaking in salt water. Everything was set, our bags were packed and we were on our way to the bus station. San Juan here we come.

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