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Digisit Beach, Baler

When we talk about Baler, Sabang Beach is probably the most well known in Aurora due to its booming rep as a surfing spot. However, since Baler is situated along the coast facing the great Pacific, there are lots of beach spots to check out. Far in a quaint baranggay can be found huge rock formations along the beach. Located in a Baranggay Zabali, Baler, we spent almost an entire day keeping it steady in our “isolated” spot called Digisit Beach.

After a nice heavy breakfast, the four of us plus the tricycle driver whom we made arrangements with to take us to places, headed North towards Baranggay Zabali, where Digisit Beach is located though the clouds and weather weren’t as friendly as expected.

I’ve been here once during my first trip to Baler but encountered road blocks due to landslides. There were no concrete roads before so at times we have to alight the tricycle and push it uphill. When I got back recently, roads were paved however landslide paths we’re still evident so, the rainy season probably wouldn’t be the best time to visit the area. On the other hand, the road runs on a mountain side and the view of the pacific was simply beautiful. Then we stopped to appreciate the view.

Tricycle on roadside. Notice the rocks and debris at the mountainside

Tammy and Maiya inside the tricycle. (This picture has no significance at all, I just like the treatment of the photo.  Hope you like it as well.)

Rocks from the mountain side.

A quick stop to appreciate the beauty. 

 We descended the mountain side and landed on the beach. We saw small cogon huts which can be our temporary shelter from the unfriendly weather. A small sari-sari store stands across the road opposite the beach, and we asked permission if we can stay there for a fee, of course. On the other hand, if the sun was up and shining brightly, we’d probably parked on the roadside and stayed on a free spot. Anyway, just as we settled in our small refuge, the rain started to fall. There were several huts in the area and the caretaker told us just choose whatever, wherever since we were the only occupants during that time.

Small shelter from the rain.

More huts in Digisit Beach.

Occasional drizzles were still pouring down, nonetheless, we explored the area, walked, swam, and walked again, we’re getting wet anyway. From where we were staying, bermuda grass covered the campsite area. Sand covers the upper landward of the beach then turns to mixed sand and small corals as we get to shore. Corals and large rocks at the beach serves as break water from the Pacific’s big waves.

On the other hand, others may not find the area amusing since there are many rocks at the beach and may not be suitable for swimming. There are small basins however where one can just sit or lie down.

A quite distinct and unusual structure stands in the middle of those huge rock formations. The bright orange hut approximately 4 by 4 feet in area will definitely catch the your eye. Curiosity will leave you wondering why so you just have to go and see it. However, be careful especially when the tides are high or shifting. Rocks are sharp and slippery, some water shoes or sandals may come in handy.

Swimming area at the beach front.

The orange hut in the middle of nowhere.

Shallow swimming area in Digisit Beach

Digisit Beach was so steady, I want to call it solemn as well. Its serenity and beauty of the place seems like a different world. If you want a different place to stay, not so far from the busy Sabang Beach, you might want to try Digisit Beach. The next time I go to Aurora, I’m planning to camp and spend the night here.


Now here are some fast facts which may help on your trip:

1. Tricycles from Baler town proper will take you to Digisit, however, going back might be a problem. Try to make arrangements with the driver, but try to haggle down to a reasonable rate if you think it’s too expensive.

2. Hut rentals cost P150/all day. There are spots where you can park … and they are FREE. The beach is a public place, you don’t have to pay anything if you’re not using their property.

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4. See for more pictures.

5. Enjoy and have a safe trip.

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